RE: [w3c/webauthn] 03801e: Simplify attestation structure by moving details i...

This is the PR for addressing issue #1, please let me know if you have any thoughts on it.

To explain the comment about opportunities for further simplification, it occurs to me that in the Android case, instead of having the UA do all the transformations in, we could just return the SafetyNet API response as the attestation statement, and let the RP sort it out. It's not going to change the complexity of the RP since they have to deal with the same data and they still have to understand Android attestation semantics, so pushing bits around on the client does not seem to be adding a lot of value at least in this case.

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  Simplify attestation structure by moving details into authnr model

Moved most of the attestation details into the authenticator model section, and flattened the structures for simplicity. Updated spec language to match.

It may be possible to further simplify the attestation details in the authenticator model section, but I would prefer that an attestation expert weigh in on that.

Also a few other small formatting fixups.

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