Re: [w3c/webauthn] 564b70: Markdown cleanup

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  Branch: refs/heads/vijaybh/markdown-cleanup
  Commit: 564b7003369a0c21a796f37595eb1d2e8b7197ca
  Author: Vijay Bharadwaj <<>>
  Date:   2016-04-22 (Fri, 22 Apr 2016)

No changes to substance here. Goal of this change is to make the spec
easier to work on, not to fix the content.

- Wrap all lines at 128 chars (wide enough for modern screens, small
enough to fit in most commonly-sized windows)

hm, well, this is way wider than I typically wrap spec source files, but I suppose I can live with it since my editor will soft-wrap those long lines...

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