Re: 04/13/2016 W3C Web Authentication WG Agenda

On 04/12/2016 01:14 PM, Harry Halpin wrote:
> Note from last time we at W3C still need to discuss with Wendy (who was
> out last week) the status of attestation/signature formats. So, let's go
> through the rest of the issues and return to that particular issue next
> week.

While I missed last week's meeting, I see that there was some discussion
of the multiple spec components and how they do or don't fit together in
W3C.  Here's my thinking:

W3C Members chartered the WG with three deliverables[1], based on the
FIDO 2.0 submission, for Web Authentication API, Attestations, and
Signature Format. These can be provided in one or multiple documents, as
makes most sense to editors, implementors, developers, and users, but
together, they benefit from the W3C's royalty-free patent policy and
make up a suite of specs needed to specify interoperable strong
authentication for the Web. If the group thinks it makes sense to split
them back into separate documents, that's fine; we can even consider
distinct teleconferences to focus on them separately, making sure that
we have the right expertise for each component. I would not support
dropping any of the pieces of chartered work at this stage.


> On 04/12/2016 11:24 AM, Anthony Nadalin wrote:
>> 1.      Roll Call
>> 2.      Agenda Bashing
>> 3.      Open Issue status for FPWD
>> a.      Glossary/Terms Discussion
>> 4.      Walk Open Issues List
>> 5.      A.O.B.
>> 6.      Adjourn

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