Re: 04/06/2016 W3C Web Authentication WG Agenda

Sounds good, I have some time to dedicate to it later today and will add as a comment to the issue.


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If you have time and want to make a first pass, that'd be great! You can just do it as a comment in the issue[1] if you like, and I'll handle formatting and continue into a PR tomorrow.

Thanks - J.C.


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Hello all,

Unfortunately I will not be able to attend today's call, but I would like to volunteer to help with the Terminology section. JC, let me know what I can do, I am happy to do a first pass on making a list of terms.


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1. Roll Call 
2. Agenda bashing 
3. Open Issue status for FPWD 
4. Walk the open issues list  
5.  A.O.B  
6. Adjourn 

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