Actions 2021-02-22

Here are the notes I took during our call today; The next call will be
March 8th
Thank you all for dealing with A/V issues!

Ongoing tasks:

# WebAuthn.How status update

# Conformance test suite

# WebAuthn browser support documentation
* [ongoing] ACTION: Dom to suggest a way forward on tracking
platform-specific implementations considerations
* [done] ACTION: Nick to ask John Bradley if he can share his
documented platform-specific authenticators oddities
* ACTION: Dom to help seed WebAuthn2 in MDN (BCD + docs)

Progress on the  MOOC; 1st half of 1st module
will be brought for review to the CG, and then iterate. Tony writing
forward. Working on LMS documents and auxiliary tasks to prep for

#CG Presentation from FIDO Alliance
Andrew Shikiar presented on the work being done by the FIDO UX/UI task
force. The group is working on developer UX guidelines and a reference FIDO
service, and additionally FIDO is working with BlinkUX to research the
effectiveness of current FIDO UX/UI designs on an example banking
application. This example application will be used to research
participants' ability to register platform-based authenticators

# Links from discussions around Issue #6
<> in the
- Early Demo:

#Links from discussions around current browser conformance and potentially
offering guidance around different levels of support in browsers
- Corresponding JSON file:

Thanks all, see you in a couple weeks,
Nick Steele
Principal Research Engineer

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