RE: Question about FIDO data [Was: Agenda 2021-01-25]

Hi Ian --

They're actually adjacent statements - and they don't address the number of *users* (but rather devices and browsers).

4.6B = devices with native platform authenticator capabilities, which includes the Android 7+ and Windows Hello authenticators (both of which are FIDO Certified irrespective of browser), and also the iOS/MacOS devices that can support Safari 14.  The caveat on this figure is that these are best *estimates* - but in general are very conservative.  Again, this is a device figure and not a user figure..  e.g., within arm's reach right now I have 5 such devices.

86% of browsers is from



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Hi Andrew,

Thank you for providing this information. I would love to be able to tell people:

 “N people today have a browser on their device that supports Web Authentication and an authenticator built into that device.”

It seems like you saying that N=4.6B, and that this makes up 86% of all Internet users. Is that a correct interpretation of your numbers?

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