WebAssembly Working Group Charter extended until 31 July 2022

Dear members of the WebAssembly Working Group,

I'm relaying the announcement to the group's primary public mailing list 
to notify the group of its charter extension.

Best regards,
Xueyuan Jia, W3C Marketing & Communications

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Subject:  WebAssembly Working Group Charter extended until 31 July 2022
Date:  Thu, 14 Apr 2022 14:47:27 +0800
From:  xueyuan <xueyuan@w3.org>
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Dear Advisory Committee Representative,
[This announcement will be forwarded to W3C group chairs]

The WebAssembly Working Group charter [1] is hereby extended until 31 
July 2022.

The mission of the WebAssembly Working Group is to standardize a size- 
and load-time-efficient format and execution environment, allowing 
compilation to the web with consistent behavior across a variety of 

This extension will give W3C additional time to prepare a new charter. 
See the current draft at:

More information about the WebAssembly Working Group can be found on its 
home page [2].

The group is currently chaired by Derek Schuff (Google) and Luke Wagner 

If you have any questions or need further information, please contact 
Team Contact Eric Prud'hommeaux <eric@w3.org>.

This extension follows section 4.5 of the W3C Process Document:

Thank you,

For Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director, and
Eric Prud'hommeaux, WebAssembly WG Team Contact;
Xueyuan Jia, W3C Marketing & Communications

[1] https://www.w3.org/2020/03/webassembly-wg-charter.html
[2] https://www.w3.org/groups/wg/wasm

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