RE: [webappsec-testsuite] New test server for CSP testing.

Cool.  Just created your account, give it a try.  Please let me know if there are rough-edges or if there are any packages you'd like installed.


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Sweet! Thanks for setting this up, Brad.

username: jww

On Tue, Jun 11, 2013 at 11:43 AM, Hill, Brad <<>> wrote:
WebAppSec test folks,

I'm attempting to lower the barrier to entry for contributing test cases again.  Instead of having to download a 3GB VM, update it and wait potentially weeks for the Hg or mainline Git repo to come into consistency, I've created a system you can just connect to and work on.

I'm looking for guinea pigs.  Please email this list with a username and openssh v2 public key if you'd like to get an account, start writing tests, and help me work out the kinks.

(Right now this is set up for CSP only... CORS to follow.)



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