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On Tue, 16 Jul 2013 01:44:59 +0200, Matt Wobensmith  
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> This is probably answered in some important documentation that I have  
> yet to read. Apologies if so, and tell me if that is the case.
> I'm making my first tests for the CSP suite. I've decided to tackle  
> section 2.1, object-src directive. This appears to require external  
> files (SWF, applet) unless I can figure out ways to test without  
> actually needing them.
> So my questions would be:
> - Do I require external files? (I think I do.)
> - Where do these external files go in the CSP and/or site tree?
> - When we write tests that assume plugins exist, do we have any  
> guidelines around that?
> Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey Matt!

There was a ... try to actually consolidate this to the resources/ folder  
that everyone installs. Because we need support files, and quite often  
they can be the same.

This is what's there currently, only a h264 mp4 and a webm file:

Since then, however, we have changed from having many many repositories,  
to have one web-platform-tests repo. That has its own media folder:

I would propose you to figure out if you can make do with what you already  
find in the repository. It is possible to copy around since git does  
deduplication (although most filesystems doesn't do dedup on the actual  
checkout). If you make anything new that is generally useful, /media/  
might also be a fitting place.

For everything else, please don't make it bigger than needed, but it  
should be fine to put it inside a support/ folder like Brad mentioned.  
IMHO :-)

Odin Hørthe Omdal · @odinho

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