Re: Using external media in a test


  My guess is that you're right and we would require files of the
appropriate media types for the plugins we want to test.  I think it would
be fine to check these in as binaries under support/media/, but of course
we need to either create them or find ones available with the correct

 As far as testing for plugin support, I guess you could do standard
feature detection or accept header processing.  Or you could use plugin
types with DOM access and have them call back in to the page and make the
test fail if they load.  Finally, you could make some of these manual tests
where the tester is asked to visually confirm whether the plugin rendered
and assess the test status.  You can see an example of a manual test in the
MANIFEST, CSP_1_7.php, the test for javascript: uris.

  Hope this helps.


On Mon, Jul 15, 2013 at 4:44 PM, Matt Wobensmith <>wrote:

> Hi -
> This is probably answered in some important documentation that I have yet
> to read. Apologies if so, and tell me if that is the case.
> I'm making my first tests for the CSP suite. I've decided to tackle
> section 2.1, object-src directive. This appears to require external files
> (SWF, applet) unless I can figure out ways to test without actually needing
> them.
> So my questions would be:
> - Do I require external files? (I think I do.)
> - Where do these external files go in the CSP and/or site tree?
> - When we write tests that assume plugins exist, do we have any guidelines
> around that?
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> Best,
> Matt Wobensmith
> QA Engineer
> Mozilla Corporation

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