Seeking additional Editor for Badging spec

Hi WebApps WG members,

Matt Giuca (Google) is stepping down as Editor of the Badging specification. I’d firstly like to thank Matt, and also the previous editor, Jay Harris, for the amazing work they did on that specification over the last few years.

The specification has been shipping in Chromium-based products for a while and has amazing support in Edge on macOS! 😍. It was recently implemented in WebKit so - mostly out of self interest - I’ve taken on editorial responsibilities to make sure the spec aligns with both Chromium and WebKit. 

However, I’d like to put a call out to other folks in the working group to see if anyone would like to jump on as a co-editor with me? It would be great to have someone to help maintain the spec, write/review tests, answer community questions, and make sure any implementation changes get reflected in the spec. 

If you’d like to take on editorial responsibilities, I’d kindly ask that you review the current draft [1] and reach out to me.  

From the WebKit side, we’ve made a couple changes to the Unofficial Draft [1]. The new draft: 

   • Drops setClientBadge() clearClientBadge() - no implementer interest.
   • Add an OPTIONAL permissions check against the “notifications” permission. This is to conform with some OS requirements.      
   • Drops dependency on "Service Workers" - the API is available in any “Worker” context.
   • For document contexts, added document is fully active check, which returns a rejected promise when the document is not fully active.
   • Matches Chrome/Edge’s behavior or exposing the API to the Web, but making it a noop when a web app is not installed.
   • Added security check to prevent third-party contexts from setting the badge: setting the badge requires the frame to be same origin with the top-level navigable. 

From here, I’d like to publish the spec as a FPWD and do another round of wide review. I’ll send a follow up email to initiate the Call for Consensus to publish as a FPWD.   

Kind regards,

Received on Friday, 24 March 2023 06:59:40 UTC