🚨ACION REQUIRED, Re: TPAC 2022 - Call for topics and session planning

Hi All,

🚨Because TPAC is hybrid with people joining from all over the world, it’s critical that we have the agenda finalized by 1st of September. Please do the following now or your spec might miss out being discussed during TPAC. Spec editors in particular, please add your topics to the agenda or make time to be there so people can participate and have a chance to ask you questions. Link below.

Long version: 
We’ve started putting together the agenda page for TPAC, now it’s up to you to fill it in! 😊

We’ve broken the agenda into 45 minute slots. Please claim your 45 minute spot at: 

(Hit the edit button, add your spec at the time you desire to meet)

If you need more time, that’s ok! You can claim up to 1.5 hours (unless we run out of slots, in which case we will reclaim your time). 

Please either link to the bugs or provide a sentence or two outlining what you want to discuss. All working group members have the ability to edit the wiki, so please add whatever you feel needs face-to-face discussion. If you are still not sure yet, that’s ok. Still claim a time slot that works for your spec’s community.

Editors, also be prepared to give an update on your spec (if the timezone works for you and you will be present). If not, please provide a summary on Github in the bug that Léonie filed for you a few weeks ago.   

Kind regards,
Marcos, Léonie, and Xiaoqian
WebApps WG Chairs and Team   

> On 25 Jul 2022, at 11:44 am, Marcos Caceres <marcosc@apple.com> wrote:
> Hi WebApps WG, 
> **If you are attending TPAC 2022 virtually or physically, please read this and indicate your discussion topics by 30th of August**.
> The WebApps WG is meeting 12th-13th September (Monday/Tuesday). Due to TPAC being hybrid, we need to be quite organized with timing of each session.
> As reminder, here are the specs of the working group:
>  • ARIA in HTML 
>  • Badging API
>        * Contacts API
>  • File API 
>  • Gamepad API
>  • Image Resource
>  • IndexedDB
>  • Intersection Observer
>  • Pointer Lock
>        • Push API - repository
>  • Screen Orientation API
>  • UI Events
>  • Web App Manifest 
>  • Web App Manifest: Application Information
>  • Web Share
> Using the following GitHub issue: 
> https://github.com/w3c/webappswg/issues/87
> Could folks (Editors in particular) indicate if they would like to meet? All participants, for each spec, please link to issues you want to discuss from the above specs (links to each repo in the GitHub issue above). If your issue doesn't exist, please create it and provide as much detail as possible.
> Please be mindful that we can only allocate around ~1 hour per specification. So, Editors, please triage your issues to maximize the short time we have.
> If you are participating remotely, please let us know your preferred time (in PST/Vancouver's time) so we can best try to accommodate you. We will try to give you priority in scheduling.
> Kind regards,
> Marcos, Leonie, and Xiaoqian
> WebApps WG Chairs and Team

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