Minutes for WebApps WG Chairs call

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Following are the minutes for Minutes for WebApps WG Chairs, held on the 17th of August. 

Present: Marcos Caceres, Leonie Watson, and Xiaoqian Wu. 


 * Hoping to meet as group for TPAC on the Oct 26, 21:00-23:00 UTC 
 * Spec communities/Editors are encouraged to meet during TPAC week at times that suit them.
 * Chairs will ping Editors over coming weeks. 
 * Planning to move Aria-HTML to Proposed Recommendation soon.

## TPAC + Charter

MC: do we have a set date yet for TPAC? 
LW: 25th to 29th Oct is TPAC week
LW: Should we get the editors to file status reports again? 
MC: I'm not sure if we need to, because we reduced the set of specs. At the same time it does encourage folks to revise their stuff. 
XW: It is still two months before TPAC. 
MC: Ok, let's ask Editors again to provide the progress reports.
MC: about the dates, we can use the new W3C Calendar tool, which presumedly handle timezones etc.
MC: I can't recall what we did for notes last year. 
XW: how did we pick dates/times last year? 
MC: Let's ask for status and if people want to meet in their particular communities around a spec?
MC: Filed bug to reach out to Editors - https://github.com/w3c/webappswg/issues/72
MC: We have a template from last year, which is https://github.com/w3c/webappswg/issues/40   
LW: I can reach out to the various Editors again this year. 
XW: show we reach out WICG folks?  
LW: I can reach out to the WICG folks. 
MC: Looking at the list, Cookie Store hasn't moved https://github.com/WICG/cookie-store/issues/186
MC: Web Share Target has also stalled with respect to getting a second implementation. 
MC: Contact Picker looks promising, as it's implemented by WebKit and Chromium 
MC: Haptics, that new so it would be good to get the Microsoft folks to introduce it
MC: User agent client hints has become contentious... we might need to see what happens after charter review.
MC: Web Locks API, both Mozilla and Chrome are implementing.  
MC: I'm personally feeling that Cookie Store, Web Share Target, and User-Agent Client Hint  might get dropped after charter review. 
MC: How do we need a set the TPAC? 
XW: We need to check for conflicts with other groups.
MC: Don't want to class with WebAppsSec, DAS, Editing, etc. 
XW: https://www.w3.org/wiki/TPAC/2021/GroupMeetings 
MC: Made the time Oct 26, 21:00 UTC to Oct 26, 23:00 UTC
LW: is it worth having these chair meetings once a month again? 
XW: I will make it a regular meeting 

## Aria and HTML 

LW: If we go to REC, just trying to get my head around how snapshots work. 
MC: Sure.
LW: Aria in HTML is now a CR snapshot. 
LW: There might be one normative changes added.  
MC: I'll follow up with PLH about how REC Snapshots work.  
MC: Wanted to check on the substantive change being made to Aria in HTML during CR.
LW: Scott wanted to maybe make one normative change, but that's not happened yet. Wanted to know what the impact might be.  
MC: Worst case it might delay us by a 6 weeks from going to Proposed Recommendation.
LW: I'll follow with Scott about that change and see if it's worth delaying going to PR.  

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