CFC: addition of "protocol_handlers" to web manifest

Hi Working Group Folks - specially Web Manifest Implementers,

Diego Gonzalez-Zuniga (Microsoft) and co. are seeking feedback on the addition of a "protocol_handlers" member to the Web Manifest. 

Feature summary: "Installed Web applications can greatly benefit from being registered as a handler for protocols (schemes) on the platform they are running on. This feature creates a more immersive experience where the application gains better cross-app integration. 

For example, an installed Web app could be able to ‘open’ mailto:// links. This can be requested for both existing and custom protocols. To do so, a new member in the manifest file (`protocol-handlers`) allows developers to define the associations that the app can handle upon being installed, all pending approval by the user the first time that that particular protocol is invoked from within an installed web application."

This is a Call for Comment seeking feedback for inclusion of the proposal into Web Manifest. The corresponding pull request is at [2]. Please indicate your support or objection for its inclusion at [2]. A preview of the proposed spec change is at [1], and is currently implemented behind a flag in Microsoft Edge (details below).  

If you have Edge and want to see it working, you can enable:


And you can try it out at:


Web Apps WG Co-Chair


Received on Thursday, 22 July 2021 07:49:57 UTC