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New Spec Editors Marcos Caceres (Monday, 30 September)

[service-workers] FileReader and ServiceWorker compatible? Kevin Doan (Thursday, 26 September)

TPAC 2019 - an apology Marcos Caceres (Monday, 23 September)

Fwd: TPAC 2020 venue and dates Léonie Watson (Friday, 6 September)

Wide review request: the HTML Standard Review Draft Xiaoqian Wu (Friday, 30 August)

Information John- Christ BOUMA (Wednesday, 14 August)

TPAC breakout sessions Léonie Watson (Wednesday, 14 August)

TPAC specification status reports Léonie Watson (Monday, 12 August)

Fwd: Technical demos at TPAC'19 Plenary Day Léonie Watson (Monday, 12 August)

Wide review request: DOM Standard Review Draft Léonie Watson (Thursday, 8 August)

New Spec - Web Share API Marcos Caceres (Wednesday, 7 August)

Re: RFC: TPAC meeting structure Léonie Watson (Friday, 26 July)

[workers] Eli Montgomery (Sunday, 21 July)

Logos as links questions Davis, Angela (ITS) (Thursday, 18 July)

[Minutes] 9 July 2019 - WebApps WG Chairs and Team meeting Marcos Caceres (Tuesday, 9 July)

Service Workers Working Group Charter Extended until 31 December 2019 xueyuan (Wednesday, 3 July)

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