Re: WebPlat and I18n at TPAC

Thanks Addison.

We have Intersection Observer scheduled for 9.45am on Monday Our meeting 
starts with housekeeping at 9.30am). I've scheduled UI Events 
immediately after at 10am, with the I18n issues as the first topic of 

If I18n could join WebPlat in our meeting room, it would be appreciated. 
We have other UI Events topics to discuss after the i18n related issues, 
and it would make things much easier from our point of view if we can do 
this without having to move rooms in the middle.

I've pencilled in time on Tuesday at 11.30am to discuss the Input Events 
I18n issues. I'm still waiting for input from the Editing TF, so at this 
stage the Tuesday agenda is entirely fluid. If it would make it easier 
for WebPlat/Editing TF to come to you this day, let me know (and when) 
and I'll figure out our agenda around you.

Hope this does the trick... if not, it's back to playing tetris with the 
agendas again!


On 21/08/2018 18:30, Phillips, Addison wrote:
> Hi Leonie,
> I think we'd love to do both. Our WG also meets Monday/Tuesday, so please let me know what time blocks you've scheduled and whether you want to join us or vice-versa. I've started to stage our agenda here: [1]
> Thanks,
> Addison
> Addison Phillips
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> Chair (W3C I18N WG)
> Internationalization is not a feature.
> It is an architecture.
> [1]
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>> Addison,
>> Thank you for your recent pings about various WebPlat/I18n issues.
>> We've set time aside on Monday to discuss Intersection Observer #95 [1],
>> and hope you can join us. Looking at the other issues you mentioned
>> recently, I'm wondering if TPAC time to discuss them would be helpful?
>> We have several UI Events topics scheduled for discussion on Monday. If you
>> would like to join us to discuss #120, #122, or #125, let me know?
>> We will be limited on time, but I can refactor our agenda to put both
>> Intersection Observer and UI Events in the same part of the day (before the
>> break on Monday).
>> Similarly, would you like to join the Editing TF on Tuesday to discuss #73, #72,
>> #71, and/or #70? Let me know and I'll add it to the agenda.
>> Thanks
>> Léonie
>> [1]
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