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Hi Leonie

The document states clearly the user must authorize the push:

User agents MUST NOT provide Push API access to webapps without the express permission of the user. User agents MUST acquire consent for permission through a user interface for each call to the subscribe() method, unless a previous permission grant has been persisted, or a prearranged trust relationship applies. Permissions that are preserved beyond the current browsing session MUST be revocable.

There’s also a section for how to deal with expired pushes. There’s also a section for push subscription options. 

Does this allow a user to set a period of time between pushes? 

For instance, a person may be reading an article’s comments and the comment feed is updated every 30 seconds to add additional comments. That may cause the layout to jump and the user may want to turn off the comment pushes, or slow down the update to once every minute.



On 5/3/17, 7:28 AM, "Léonie Watson" <> wrote:

    Hello APA,
    The WebPlat WG would welcome an accessibility review of the Push API 
    specification [1]. We'd like to transition to CR in the coming months, 
    and this review will help us assess what remains to be done before then.
    If you could file your comments as Github issues [2], before 16th June 
    2017, that would be appreciated.
    Any questions, you know where to find us - please just ask.


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