Fwd: Pointer Lock is now a W3C Recommendation

With thanks and congratulations to Vincent, and all who contributed along the way.

(And now we look forward to working on a new Shadow DOM-aware version :) )


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27.10.2016, 08:23, "Xueyuan Jia" <xueyuan@w3.org>:

It is my pleasure to announce that Pointer Lock is now a W3C Recommendation:

This specification defines an API that provides scripted access to raw
mouse movement data while locking the target of mouse events to a single
element and removing the cursor from view. This is an essential input
mode for certain classes of applications, especially first person
perspective 3D applications and 3D modeling software.


Pointer Lock is required to incorporate Shadow DOM-aware changes as the
Shadow DOM content is getting stable, the Web Platform Working Group
will continue their work and publish a new version of this spec in the

Please join us in congratulating the Web Platform Working Group [2] and
the editor Vincent Scheib on this achievement.

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