In my case the object being transmitted is an ISO BMFF file (as a blob), and I want to be able to present the samples in the file as they arrive, rather than wait until the entire file has been received. 
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       On Tue, Mar 15, 2016 at 11:19 PM, Gomer Thomas <> wrote:
       > According to IETF RFC 7230 all HTTP recipients “MUST be able to parse 
       > the chunked transfer coding”. The logical interpretation of this is 
       > that whenever possible HTTP recipients should deliver the chunks to 
       > the application as they are received, rather than waiting for the 
       > entire response to be received before delivering anything.
       > In the latest version this can only be done for “text” responses. For 
       > any other type of response, the “response” attribute returns “null” 
       > until the transmission is completed.
       How would you parse for example an incomplete JSON source to expose an object? Or incomplete XML markup to create a document? Exposing partial responses for text makes sense - for other types of data perhaps not so much.

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