Re: [Push API] How to detect acceptable Content-Encoding for each UA

On 4 March 2016 at 18:07, Tomoyuki SHIMIZU <> wrote:
> On the other hand, it could be renamed according to encryption spec update
> (e.g. changing from "aesgcm128" to "aesgcm"[2][3]). It might suggest each UA
> might support different types or versions of Content-Encoding in the future.

Firefox will support aesgcm128 for several releases once "aesgcm" is
done (something I expect to happen in 48).  By the time that Chrome
supports the standard protocol (I think that's 51), both browsers will
accept "aesgcm" as described in the pull request.

Right now, it's more than just Content-Encoding people have to worry
about, because Chrome supplies an endpoint that only talks the GCM
protocol.  I think that we can chalk that up to early adopter pains
and rather begrudgingly suggest looking at the UA string.

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