[service worker] f2f meeting notes, next meeting details

Hi folks,

for those who are wondering, the last face to face meeting created an  
agenda, as a github issue:  
https://github.com/slightlyoff/ServiceWorker/issues/806 and then just  
updated issues as they went. The relevant sisues are linked from teh  
agenda, so you can look for updates from around January 26, but as far as  
I am aware there are no actual notes available from the discussion :(

There will be another face to face meeting to discuss service workers,  
hosted by Microsoft in Seattle or Redmond, on 11-12 April. Right now there  
is a stub page for the meeting:  

To register for the meeting, or request agenda or remote attendance please  
make a pull request on that page or in reply to this thread on the email  



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