[UIEvents] [Editing] Moving input/beforeinput events into UI events

Hi all,

This is another feedback from multiple browser vendors (Apple, Google, Microsoft) that got together in Redmond last Thursday to discuss editing API and related events.

As we discussed various aspects of composition events and beforeinput/input events, it became apparent that we want both composition events and beforeinput/input events to be defined in a single spec since the ordering of these events as well as what happens when their default actions are canceled or event propagations are stopped are interdependent among them.

Thus, we think it's better to define the basic event interface as well as the timing at which these events are fired in UI events, and define `editType` and associated default editing actions in a separate editing spec.

That is, we suggest merging everything in:

except the parts that define the list of values for `editType` and `data` (since the content of `data` depends on the type of `editType`), and define the latter two in the editing spec that defines these properties' values as well as their behaviors:

- R. Niwa

Received on Saturday, 9 January 2016 23:27:15 UTC