Re: Proposal - Personal Identity API


None of your mentioned techniques (WebID, FOAF+SSL, OAuth,
seems covering my proposal.

What I meant is simple JavaScript API to read browser/machine
logged/synchronized/identification user profile data.

For example return in Chrome

    name: "Me",
    surname: "Surname",
    email: "",
    birth: "31/12/1999",
    country: "USA"

when logged/synchronized profile in Chrome (profile per
browser, etc.).

Is there any way to make it valid, safe and only-readable in a way to use
it as a "logging/identification profile" in any website?


On Sat, Dec 12, 2015 at 9:50 PM, Binyamin <> wrote:

> בע"ה
> Hi,
> I purpose to implement Personal Identity API (I have not jet found
> anything similar to it).
> This days all recent browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc.) and
> devices (Android, iOS, Firefox OS, etc.) prefers or requires Signin with
> user personal identification data (at least email/phone).
> It would be great to share/receive that data with Web "Personal Identity
> API" with simple respond like
> {
>     name: "Name",
>     surname: "Surname",
>     email: "",
>     birth: "31/12/1999",
>     country: "USA"
>     // key: "validation-key"
> }
> It can very ease user identification (for Singup), maybe even
> authentication for Signin (need to discuss the secure validation if any),
> be used for user analytic, etc.
> Currently many apps uses SSO (Single sign-on,
> with different APIs and
> protocols. It still requires server-side authentications.
> Browsers/OSs has to validate the main personal identification data
> (email/phone). Share the data after user acceptation similar to other APIs
> like Geolocation API (demo
> I am only wondering if it in any way could be used in save way as a Signin
> authentication? Maybe by uses some encrypted validation key?
> Binyamin

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