Proposal - Personal Identity API



I purpose to implement Personal Identity API (I have not jet found anything
similar to it).

This days all recent browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc.) and
devices (Android, iOS, Firefox OS, etc.) prefers or requires Signin with
user personal identification data (at least email/phone).
It would be great to share/receive that data with Web "Personal Identity
API" with simple respond like

    name: "Name",
    surname: "Surname",
    email: "",
    birth: "31/12/1999",
    country: "USA"
    // key: "validation-key"

It can very ease user identification (for Singup), maybe even
authentication for Signin (need to discuss the secure validation if any),
be used for user analytic, etc.

Currently many apps uses SSO (Single sign-on, with different APIs and
protocols. It still requires server-side authentications.
Browsers/OSs has to validate the main personal identification data
(email/phone). Share the data after user acceptation similar to other APIs
like Geolocation API (demo
I am only wondering if it in any way could be used in save way as a Signin
authentication? Maybe by uses some encrypted validation key?


Received on Saturday, 12 December 2015 19:51:35 UTC