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>> From: Chaals McCathie Nevile []
>> Sent: 26 November 2015 01:55
>> it appears that there are some people may not be able to attend a  
>> meeting
>> on the 29th - although Apple has generously offered to host that day.
>> Is there anyone who would only be able to attend if we moved the meeting
>> to the 25th?
>> Conversely, would that shift cause problems for anyone (e.g. bought
>> inflexible tickets, another clash, …)
>> By default, we won't move the meeting, but if there are a number of  
>> people affected and it makes sense, we could do so. If so, I'd like to
>> make that decision early next week.
> Either date is likely to be ok for me. A decision would be helpful in  
> knowing this for certain though.

Yes, likewise for me. Anne, Olli specifically called you out as someone we  
should ask. I am assuming most people are OK either way, having heard no  
loud screaming except for Elliot...


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