Re: CfC: Is Web Workers Ready for CR? deadline Dec 14

On 11/30/2015 02:31 PM, Xiaoqian Wu wrote:
> This is a call for comments regarding the next step of Web Workers.
> The latest [TEST RESULTS] of Web Workers indicate that Dedicated
> Workers have been widely implemented by the major browser vendors.
> [Diff] between the latest W3C WD and the WHATWG living standard
> suggests substantial changes about the WorkerLocation interface, and
> the test results of the [WorkerLocationTestCases] show that these
> changes have been adapted by more than two major browsers.
> As for Shared workers, [TEST RESULTS] suggest that this feature is
> still poorly supported. Right now both Apple and Microsoft don’t
> intend to implement it, Chrome supports only a small part of it.
> There were issues raised about [Removing-Sharedworkers] on GitHub,
> one suggestion was to pull it out into a separate working note,
> whereas others thought it’s too early to do so.
> Hence our questions to the group: Is the group still interested in
> moving Workers forward? Is it the right time to publish Workers as a
> CR? Should SharedWorkers be removed from this spec?
> Please provide your thoughts on these questions by Dec 14 2015. If
> there’s no interest from the members to continue the work of
> WebWorkers in W3C, we will probably stop publishing new versions of
> this spec.

Let's publish it as a REC; that no longer needs interop anyway (see:
DOM4 is a REC).


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