RE: Shadow DOM and SVG use elements

Well, since SVG 'use' is mostly about replicating the composed tree anyway, it seems that is should probably render the composed tree--e.g., this seems natural, because use would "replicate" the host element, which would then render it's shadow DOM. The interactivity behaviors associated with the shadow dom is an interesting question though.. today you are expected to attach event handlers to the ElementInstance ( which is the DOM representation of the "replicated" tree--I'm not sure what this would look like for Elements with an attached shadow.

I'd love to know what the folks on working on SVG2 think about this.

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Subject: Shadow DOM and SVG use elements

Hi all,

What should happen when a SVG use element references an element (or its ancestor) with a shadow root?

Should the use element show the composed tree underneath it or ignore shadow DOM altogether?

I'm a little inclined towards the former (uses the composed tree).

- R. Niwa

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