Re: Indexed DB + Promises

On Mon, 5 Oct 2015 at 23:31 Joshua Bell <> wrote:

> Yeah - "When control is returned to the event loop" isn't precise enough.
> It's an open issue in the 2nd Ed. and I welcome suggestions for tightening
> it up. Note that Jake Archibald, at least, was happy with the Blink
> behavior, after chewing on it for a bit. But it still seems far too subtle
> to me, and someone who writes blog posts explaining tasks vs. microtasks is
> probably not the average consumer of the API. :)

Step 8 of can
queue a microtask to unset the active flag. It would mean:

var tx = db.transaction(…);

Promise.resolve().then(_ => {
  // transaction is now closed

…but if you want to keep the transaction open longer, that's what waitUntil
is for.

As for - this seems
fine as long as microtasks fire before step 4, which they should.

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