Re: IDBObjectStore/IDBIndex.exists(key)

On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 1:03 PM, Marc Fawzi <> wrote:
> Having said that, and speaking naively here, a synchronous .exists() or .contains() would be useful as "existence" checks shouldn't have to be exclusively asynchronous as that complicates how we'd write: "if this exists and that other thing doesn't exists then do xyz"

Note that the .contains() discussion is entirely separate from the
.exists() discussion. I.e. your subject is entirely off-topic to this

The .exists() function I proposed lives on IDBObjectStore and IDBIndex
and is an asynchronous database operation.

The .contains() function that you are talking about lives on an
array-like object and just does some in-memory tests which means that
it's synchronous.

So the two are completely unrelated.

/ Jonas

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