Re: [selection] extend() behavior when there is no range needs to be clarified

It's probably a bug in WebKit/Blink. Since we're already throwing other exceptions in some cases (e.g. INDEX_SIZE_ERR), we can probably change our engine behavior.

yoshin: any opinions for blink?

On Jun 6, 2014, at 11:31 AM, Ben Peters <> wrote:

> I just filed this bug. Do we know of reasons why Chrome (Webkit?) doesn't throw an exception for this scenario? It seems confusing to web devs.
> Ben
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>>           Summary: Selection.extend behavior when there is no range needs
>>                    to be clarified
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>> Today, the Selection API spec seems to say that if selection.rangeCount is 0,
>> then selection.extend should throw an error and abort. This is true in Firefox,
>> but not Chrome. In Chrome, it appears that a new collapsed range is created
>> at the position specified in selection.extend. Without an error, it's possible a
>> site might end up creating a selection when they think they're extending it.
>> But errors in JS should be used sparingly. Not sure which of these makes
>> more sense.
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