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Minutes Editing discussion 2014-06-06

From: Robin Berjon <robin@w3.org>
Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2014 17:59:02 +0200
Message-ID: <5391E546.8030803@w3.org>
To: WebApps WG <public-webapps@w3.org>
Hi all,

here are the minutes from the editing discussion:


And in text so the archives keep'em searchable:


       [1] http://www.w3.org/

                                - DRAFT -

              Web Applications Working Group Teleconference

06 Jun 2014

    See also: [2]IRC log

       [2] http://www.w3.org/2014/06/06-webapps-irc


           BenjamP, PiotrekKoszulinski, Xiaoqian, jparent_,
           [IPcaller], darobin, +1.425.614.aabb, adrianba,




      * [3]Topics
          1. [4]Context
          2. [5]Goals
          3. [6]Invoking Commands
          4. [7]cE=minimal
          5. [8]beforeinput and beforeselectionchange
          6. [9]Splitting up work
      * [10]Summary of Action Items

    <trackbot> Date: 06 June 2014

    <scribe> Scribe: darobin

    you're a bit early on the call :)

    <BenjamP> yes

    adrianba: are you on the call too?

    <adrianba> not yet

    <adrianba> 6 more minutes ;)

    <adrianba> you don't need to hear me slurp my coffee

    FWIW I flagged myself as chair, but that's just formalism; no
    pretence to whatever

    and if someone else desperately feels like scribing I won't
    stand in the way

    <BenjamP> it's all you:) thanks!

    <PiotrekKoszulinski> I guess ??P1 is me. Should I ask Zakim to
    change my name?

    Robin: W3C

    <BenjamP> Explainer is currently at

      [11] http://w3c.github.io/editing-explainer/commands-explainer.html

    BenjamP: from Microsoft, wrote the commands explainer

    PiotrekKoszulinski: CKEditor

    jparent_: Google, worked on text editro

    xiaoqian: W3C

    adrianba: Microsoft too

    BenjamP: want to give some context, goals we have, then have a
    few topics of debate: invoking commands, using cE=minimal or
    have it as a concept, beforeinput vs commandevent, and command
    data context
    ... very open to other things

    Robin: would like to list issues and get away with some sort of

    BenjamP: anything else?


    BenjamP: cEmin is something that came up in a meeting earlier
    this year
    ... both MS and Google had thought of it
    ... looking for a way to minify cE to have few or no default
    handling, bold, enter, etc.
    ... in order to help sites figure out what users are trying to
    do Command,IntentionEvent were a way to figure out what users
    are trying to do
    ... finally I just recently sent something about query command
    that can enable overwriting of commands by frameworks
    ... and help browser determine UI
    ... that's farther-reaching and possibly out of scope for right

    Robin: this is in line with the Summit findings, and we'd like
    to have another Summit in Berlin in September, and have editing
    be discussed there

    PiotrekKoszulinski: that would be great, we're based in Poland,
    other editors are also in Europe


    BenjamP: let's make sure we agree on what we're trying to
    ... simplify all the different ways that input can be done for
    ... assist sites in disabling default input so that they can do
    exactly what they want to do for their context

    Robin: we have to take i18n into account, which is difficult
    but part of input

    BenjamP: definitely, especially keyboard, browsers can make
    that available to script

Invoking Commands

    BenjamP: discuss using execCommand, since it takes string, it's
    ... if we want to fire a command event for stuff we don't
    support we can just use any string
    ... perhaps more web friendly, notably with selection, which in
    turn can fire an event
    ... instead of having a generic method that takes a string, you
    have a specific method
    ... same as with Clipboard
    ... lots of discussion there
    ... how do we determine best way forward

    adrianba: are we aligned with the notion of the extensible web
    manifesto in terms of adding the lowest-level primitives?
    ... I think it's what most of the people engaged in the
    conversation want
    ... especially since the people with experience doing editing
    tools seem to lean this way
    ... but I have heard from a few people both at MS and glazou
    who wanted more of a "better cE" that would make it easy to add
    input type=rich
    ... I'm guessing that's not what we're trying to do
    ... one way forward trying to figure out whether we have the
    most basic thing we can add, keep finding primitives

    Robin: I think that's pretty representative of what I've heard
    ... it's possible to also improve cE, but that can be a
    separate project

    BenjamP: my understanding is that cE is just one type of editor
    ... and since there are so many editors, so just one option
    doesn't cut it


      [12] http://extensiblewebmanifesto.org/

    scribe: I agree with this goal, it has come up more than once,
    just having the enabling primitives and help make things

    BenjamP: for execCommand, the 2nd arg is almost never used, we
    can't just remove it, at least not at this point
    ... but my proposal is that we keep the first arg, and the 2nd
    can be (boolean or DOMObject)
    ... alternatively we could have another method

    jparent_: I'm having a hard time figuring how this fits into
    just enabling primitives

    BenjamP: sure, we are primarily enabling sites to understand
    what users wants to do
    ... so if a site wants to change what Ctrl-B does, the site can
    intercept that and replace that with their own
    ... without that, they can't use the same pipeline
    ... they can listen to bold and override

    Robin: I am not convinced that we need something as high-level
    as bold

    jparent_: I completely agree with that, it's already
    ... could be strong, b, etc.

    BenjamP: I think that's two things
    ... we shouldn't define bold
    ... we just give the user the fact that the user intends to
    ... notably cross language

    Robin: I don't disagree that there are locale-dependent
    shortcuts but something like bold seems too high level to me
    ... I'd like to solve lower level like selection, newline,

    BenjamP: how would we expose those?

    Robin: so you could have multiple newline events (Enter vs
    newline), and delete would match platform convention to a range
    that would then be communicated to the script

    BenjamP: interception of selection for special deletion

    Robin: it would help to have some code

    BenjamP: if we just give the selection I think we've lost the
    context of where the user was, we lose the intent

    PiotrekKoszulinski: I think that Fx has an example, you can
    take the range from the Drop event — I'd like to have that on
    deletion events
    ... I think this is the best way to handle this
    ... the event has to carry the range before there's a change

    Robin: if the selection hasn't changed when you get the
    deletion event, you can probably infer a lot

    BenjamP: sounds like we want to solve a few lower-level
    problems before we figure out the APIs, which makes sense
    ... a smaller set of commands sounds like what everyone is
    interested in

    [no disagreement]

    BenjamP: also, the expected state carried in the command,
    current state is already availabel


    BenjamP: that was the original concept that started the
    ... but then jparent_ pointed out that you can cancel intention
    events, and cancelling them all just gives you a minimal
    ... so we might not need the markup

    jparent_: I don't think we need it
    ... minimal wants two things: get a cursor, and advanced events
    ... I don't need they need to be tied to editability

    Robin: so we could reuse those events, e.g. for non text
    edition you could have deletion

    jparent_: exactly, for things other than text

    BenjamP: we have to be careful not to enable a new way to code
    ... if they become so powerful then everything that a user is
    trying to do might be handled that way
    ... we should have the kitchen sink

    Robin: I think we can try to design this without cEmin, but if
    it becomes problematic we can backtrack

    jparent_: I think these stay focused on editing

    Robin: maybe the ability to receive intention events triggers
    on focus?

    PiotrekKoszulinski: I don't know if a lot of those events make
    sense in a different context

    Robin: I have a concern that if we expand these events beyond
    text editing we might be boiling the ocean

    BenjamP: the ability to override keyboard events has value also
    in text, so it is useful there
    ... Sublime has lots of keyboard shortcuts
    ... but instead of the way it is today where you have to listen
    to keyboard events and handle them, we could have a mapping of
    keyboard events to commands
    ... so all you do in the keyboard handler is map to the
    command, and handle the command as you have always done

    Robin: we can keep command events and the way they are bound
    into the platform orthogonal

beforeinput and beforeselectionchange

    BenjamP: selection event would be the event for selection
    ... command event for menus and such
    ... text input is a special case
    ... beforeinput can help you determine how to handle things
    ... but today, input events fire for all sorts of things
    including paste events
    ... so I'm concerned that beforeinput might cause duplication

    <Travis_> DOM3 folks added it (beforeinput) as a replacement
    for keypress (deprecated).

    Robin: if we can simplify it one way or the other (paste/input
    separate, or input with indication that it's a paste) it's best
    ... having two events for the same content is madness

    BenjamP: we could just have a commandevent with insert-text as
    its type
    ... we could just use that on the event side as well

Splitting up work

    BenjamP: we definitely have some research, look at frameworks

    Robin: if we can get people involved all the better
    ... we can have a mailing list

    adrianba: that was definitely helpful with the media TF where
    we were trying to appeal to a specific audience

    <adrianba> +1

    <PiotrekKoszulinski> +1

    <scribe> ACTION: Robin to create an Editing TF [recorded in

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-731 - Create an editing tf [on Robin
    Berjon - due 2014-06-13].

    BenjamP: we need a normative spec
    ... as well as updates to the explainer
    ... without cE, we need Command Events

    Robin: we need to define the binding with HTML too

    BenjamP: we need an editor, and we need to figure out when we
    make them official

    Robin: is editing already in the WebApps charter

    <scribe> ACTION: Robin to figure out how we handle the
    chartering business [recorded in

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-732 - Figure out how we handle the
    chartering business [on Robin Berjon - due 2014-06-13].

    BenjamP: update the explainer with this information, then write
    some specs
    ... and file bugs, improve work
    ... the current discussion is hard to track

    Robin: we can reuse the Bz for the Editing API or the GH issues

    BenjamP: GitHub it is!

    Robin: BenjamP you're willing to edit?

    BenjamP: yes

    Robin: I'm happy to edit too
    ... we also need the Selection API

    BenjamP: yes, rniwa said he didn't have much time not long ago

    jparent_: my impression was that after WWDC he'd have more time

    <scribe> ACTION: Robin to ask rniwa how he wants to handle
    Selection [recorded in

    <trackbot> Created ACTION-733 - Ask rniwa how he wants to
    handle selection [on Robin Berjon - due 2014-06-13].

    Robin: I would encourage people to start using the tracker

    BenjamP: other call?

    Robin: we could say that Fri 8am PST is always the time, but we
    call it on an ad hoc basis

    RESOLUTION: Fri 8am PST is always the time, but we call it on
    an ad hoc basis

Summary of Action Items

    [NEW] ACTION: Robin to ask rniwa how he wants to handle
    Selection [recorded in
    [NEW] ACTION: Robin to create an Editing TF [recorded in
    [NEW] ACTION: Robin to figure out how we handle the chartering
    business [recorded in

    [End of minutes]

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