CfC: to create a new developer's list for WebApps' specs; deadline May 28

Hi All,

About two years ago I proposed in [1] creating a new list (f.ex. 
public-webapps-devs) that is targeted toward developers using WebApps' 
specs. Such a list would be used by developers using the APIs (as 
opposed to implementers) as well as other related purposes such as 
announcing relevant meetups, events, conferences, etc.


My personal take is that public-webapps is a bit of a "fire hose" for 
many people that use WebApps' specs so I think a developer oriented list 
would be useful.

All feedback is welcome including explicit signs of support (even just a 
+1 would be helpful and if you don't want to reply to this list that's 
fine, just reply to me and Cc

-Thanks, ArtB


Received on Wednesday, 21 May 2014 10:57:17 UTC