Re: Passsword managers and autocomplete='off'

On Tue, 17 Dec 2013, Joel Weinberger wrote:
> Thanks for the feedback, everyone. A few people at this point have 
> suggested emailing the list since this is really an 
> HTML feature; I'll do that in a few. In response to Ian's question, I'm 
> referring to the W3 WebForms standard: 

That is actually the WHATWG spec from 2005. It's absurdly out of date. :-)

This evolved into what is now this:

Please, as an implementor, never look at a document that is more than a 
week or so old. If the date isn't really recent, then you're almost 
certainly looking at something obsolete, and implementing it will just 
mean you're implementing known-buggy text. (Or, you're looking at 
something that's fallen into decay with no active maintenance, which is 
almost as bad.)

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