Re: Call for Exclusions: DOM Parsing and Serialization

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> On Tue, Dec 10, 2013 at 3:15 PM, Coralie Mercier <> wrote:
>> - DOM Parsing and Serialization
>>    (,
> There were several outstanding comments against publishing and the WG
> published anyway? What is going on?

During the CfC, I only recall one technical comment and Travis created 
bug [23936] for that comment and he noted that comment will be 
considered as a `LC comment`.

After the CfC deadline, Ms2ger and James raised a concern about a change 
in the boilerplate to satisfy the TR publication rules. I created 
process issues [Issue-71] and [Issue-73] for this concern and I don't 
think those `general` issues should block the publication.


[23936] <>
[Issue-71] <>
[Issue-73] <>

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