Re: Updating Input Method Editor API working draft

On 12/6/13 12:48 AM, ext Takayoshi Kochi (河内 隆仁) wrote:
> Hi all,
> Since the last working draft in August, IME API editor's draft has 
> been changed
> significantly with the result of discussions at TPAC 2013.  The 
> biggest change
> is that I split the previous spec into 2 parts, streamlined main part 
> and others, so the main part
> which has been mostly agreed on can make smoother progress on 
> standardization track.

(In case someone is wondering about the other/Annex, it is this document 

> See below for detailed changes.
> I would like to push this version to publish a new working draft.
> Here's the current cut of editor's draft:

If you would like to get a new WD published in 2013, please let me know 
as soon as possible because the related CfC needs to be started on 
December 7 at the latest.

> (to be specific, 
> (and log
> Any comments are welcome.

I like the new organization (i.e. the document split).

One editorial comment is Web IDL should be added to the references and 
mentioned in the Conformance section.

-Thanks, ArtB

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