RE: Styling form control elements

From: Jonas Sicking [] 

> The tricky part is finding a set of pseudo elements that work across different UAs, and that give authors enough control that they can integrate the control with the look-and-feel of their website.

I am wondering if we put forward the following concrete proposal, how much objection there would be:

- Two pseudo-elements, select::control and select::popout. (Representing the control you see by default, and the extra box that pops out when you click the select.)
- If implementations don't think that a control + popout UI is a good match, e.g. mobile platforms that take up the entire screen when you click the control, they do not have to implement them. (Or can implement only control, or only popout.)
- `appearance: none` on both reverts them to the default <div> styles, i.e. no styles.
- No specification (for now) of individual items inside the ::popout.

I know implementers have generally been pretty scared of nailing this stuff down, but I tried to make this as unobjectionable and minimal as possible, and so would be interested to hear what kind of concrete objections there are. I apologize if I am retreading though, and in that case would appreciate pointers to older threads.

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