Re: Browser search API

On Thu, Dec 5, 2013, at 2:08, Mitar wrote:
> But I agree, that requires some more changes. For example, currently
> it is not really possible to style how found elements are highlighted.
> And it is not possible for page to say to UA to retry searching
> because the document has modified. I believe that for full solution
> this parts should be implemented as well. Because they would be useful
> for other cases. So:
> - styling of how matched text looks, and how highlighted text looks
> (when user selects to highlight all matches in UAs that support that)
> - telling to the webapp that search is being in progress and what is
> being searched for
> - telling UA that it should retry the search because content has been
> changed/rendered/modified

I think styling the search highlights, if not already doable, could be

Though, my feeling is that such an API might try to support too many UC
and at some point one of them will be styling the search field. I think
allowing the content to take full control of the search in page might be
the best solution for the content and the UA: simple and efficient. It
might be a lot of work to re-implement a search UI but libraries could
help with that if needed (we will agree that pages that try to imitate
the search field are not simple pages usually).


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