[Bug 23946] Lift the ban on query parts in “blob:” URIs


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--- Comment #7 from Arun <arun@mozilla.com> ---
In general, with blob: URLs there has been a trade-off between including the
entirety of the range of HTTP behavior (by including more request-response
options, for example) and keeping a limited protocol with tangible use cases in

The argument for having a versatile protocol (e.g. adding all of HTTP's
headers, or even including stuff from HTTP URLs, like query) really hinges on
future uses, which haven't emerged yet.  Additionally, it comes with the risk
of introducing security implications that HTTP has resolved over much use.

On balance, I prefer use-case driven bugs as a pragmatic and safe approach to
expanding the blob: protocol.  We're free to introduce changes over time.  I'm
marking this closed.  Please re-open or file a different bug when the need

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