Re: [screen-orientation] Locking to 'current' orientation

For normal navigation mode (thus inside the browser with chrome) I
would agree, but locking to other than current orientation makes sense
for apps which are standalone or in combination with the Fullscreen


> The whole point is that the API must not allow locking to a particular
> orientation at all, only to the current orientation.  Allowing web pages to
> cause my phone to *switch* orientations is crazy.  (You'd end up with half
> of the web locking to one orientation or another, because the page "looks
> better that way", and you'll have the browser jumping between orientations
> as you hit browser back, causing the browser UI itself to jump around.)
> Locking to the current orientation deals with the use cases surrounding
> gyro-based games, where you don't want the phone shifting orientations as
> you move the device, without exposing something as insane as letting pages
> actually force a particular orientation.
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Received on Tuesday, 3 December 2013 09:07:26 UTC