Re: Controling style of elements in Injection Points

We can use '::content' pseudo elements if we want to apply styles to
distributed nodes from a shadow tree.


On Thu, Nov 28, 2013 at 9:14 AM, Enrique Moreno Tent <> wrote:

> Hello, I have been experimenting with Web Components and I have an issue,
> which I think I have represented fairly clear here:
> (Tested on Chrome)
> If I understood correctly, one of the points of web components is to
> control the presentation of our component. That is why we have the Shadow
> Boundary. BUT what happens with the elements that are represented with
> <content>? They are not considered part of the shadow, therefore the styles
> that the author decides to apply on them, will "invade" the Web Component.
> Any thought on this?
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> Enrique Moreno Tent, Web developer


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