RE: New manifest spec - ready for FPWD?

On Tue Nov 26 04:02 PM, Marcos Caceres wrote:
> Over the last few weeks, a few of us folks in the Web Mob IG have been
> investigating the use cases and requirements for bookmarking web apps to
> home
> screen. The output of that research  is this living document:


Would seem useful to add: MAY provide the application version number.

> That (ongoing) research is helping to inform the manifest spec. A bunch
> of us
> have been working together on IRC, twitter, etc. on a new
> version of the manifest
> spec:


Any thoughts on adding on 'app' tag? Why is the manifest in JSON?

 <app name="Best News!" version="1.1" manifest=""/>

That way the platform knows this 'app' can be "versioned" and can choose to update the application or ask the user what to do.

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