Re: RTC in Web workers

I asked for this several months ago on the W3C public-WebRTC mail list (!msg/discuss-webrtc/1hnewM6xxf8/nzNg6tcxC6wJ),
and the final answer was that we should wait until the specification
more stable before going into more problems. Since now Chrome & Firefox are
interoperable with audio & video and with DataChannels (with some problems
for big data, but small messages of some kb can be exchanged) I think now
it's the moment to start talking about it.

I would like to be able to have it working specially on SharedWorkers and
ServiceWorkers ( ).

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El 23/11/2013 08:22, "Charles Pritchard" <> escribió:

> Should RTC data channels be available in Workers and/or SharedWorker?
> Mainly:
> self.RTCPeerConnection
> self.RTCSessionDescription
> WebSocket and XHR are available, seems like RTC ought to be but isn't.
> -Charles

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