[Bug 23450] Add Specification Note Describing "Save As" Behavior for File Objects


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--- Comment #11 from Arun <arun@mozilla.com> ---
(In reply to brmatthe from comment #9)
> Could we expand the guideline beyond Save As...? For example, there's the
> case where I'm viewing a page containing an img with a blob URL src and the
> Blob referenced by the URL is a File. If I drag that image to my desktop, it
> would be nice if the name of the resulting file in the filesystem took into
> account the File object's name attribute. Maybe something like:
> "Note
> A corollary to this is an optional implementation guideline: that user
> agents take into account the File's name attribute when copying the File's
> data to outside the user agent and a name for the data is needed, such as
> the default name in a Save As... dialog or the name used when saving the
> data without prompting the user for a name (for example, dragging an image
> to the desktop)."

This would be nice user agent behavior and is a great suggestion.  I recommend
filing respective browser bugs e.g. pick File Handling for Firefox:

(WebKit, Chromium, Chromium with cr-blink for Blink all have similar bug

An API spec. stops just short of this kind of prescription, and so this is no
longer under the purview of the File API.

(In reply to Simon Pieters from comment #10)

> That said, the note shouldn't use the word 'optional' since that's also an
> RFC2119 keyword. Otherwise it looks OK to me.

OK, I've removed 'optional' and marked it a non-normative guideline in the
note. RFC2119 formalism expunged!

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