Re: Thoughts behind the Streams API ED

I would expect "Poc" (stop, keep 0xd1 for the next data) and "сия"

It can be seen a bit different indeed, while with crypto you expect the 
finalization of the operation since the begining (but only by computing 
the latest bytes), here you can not expect the string since the begining 
of course.

It just depends how the "Operation" (here TextDecoder) handles stop but 
I find it very similar, TextEncoder closes the operation with the bytes 
it has and "clone" its state (ie do nothing here except clearing 
resolved bytes and keeping unresolved ones for data to come).



Le 08/11/2013 11:33, Takeshi Yoshino a écrit :
> Sorry. I've cut the input at wrong position.
> textDecoderStream.write(arraybuffer of 0xd0 0xa0 0xd0 0xbe 0xd1 0x81 
> 0xd1);
> textDecoderStream.stop();
> textDecoderStream.write(arraybuffer of 0x81 0xd0 0xb8 0xd1 0x8f)

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