Re: CfC: publish WD of Streams API; deadline Nov 3

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> Agreed. Some of the points listed appear to be things already addressed. Takeshi and I have some feedback on the initial mail, but will wait and provide thoughts on the proposal instead. Looking forward to seeing it.
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>> Subject: Re: publish WD of Streams API; deadline Nov 3
>> OK. There seems to be some disconnect, but I'm fine with waiting for
>> Domenic's proposal first.

Feras, Takeshi - for the sake of clarity, are you proposing this CfC be 
stopped? [FWIW, I don't feel strongly either way, although I suspect one 
could argue that getting some additional exposure and comments could be 

Domenic - Mike Smith mentioned you have worked on a related spec. What 
is the URL? Also, are you interested and willing to work with Feras and 
Takeshi on a joint/converged spec in the context of WebApps?

-Thanks, AB

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