[Bug 23431] File API should say what to do with the query string in blob: URLs


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--- Comment #4 from Glenn Maynard <glenn@zewt.org> ---
I don't think it needs to say anything.  Specs say what to do, not what not to
do; if it doesn't say to do anything with the query parameter, then nothing is
done with the query parameter.

The language now in the spec is confusing: it doesn't clearly mean anything,
and might be interpreted to mean something wrong.  For example, if you parse a
blob URL with new URL(blobURL), clearly the .search attribute of the result
should include the query, even if it's a blob URL.  The vague language "must
ignore a query string" might be interpreted to contradict that, as if the file
API spec is implicitly monkey-patching the URL spec.

If the intent is to ensure that appending "?foo" to a blob URL doesn't affect
resolving the resource, then you probably just want to define which parts of
the parsed URL are the unique identifier.  With the URL spec's terminology, it
looks like the identifying part is the "scheme data" (which doesn't include the
query or the fragment).

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