RE: [coord] Is there still a need for WebApps + SysApps meeting at TPAC?

I want to say that we are interested in implementing the JSON manifest and also to discuss additions to the manifest. Content security policies have already been mentioned and we are looking at something similar to, which allows inclusion of content security policies to support secure hosted apps by defining schemes (https:) that are allowed to use for whitelisting secure origins from which scripts should be accepted.

I would also like to better understand what a meta tag solution would mean.

However, as the manifest specification editor Marcos unfortunately is not able to participate in TPAC I am not sure on the most efficient way to discuss the manifest, a joint SysApps-WebApps session with Marcos calling in or a mailing list discussion.

My main point is to stress our interest in the manifest specification and additions to it.


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> > Hi All,
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> > Last June, the Chairs of WebApps and SysApps agreed to allocate a
> time
> > slot @ TPAC Shenzhen for a joint meeting from 16:00-17:00 on Monday
> > November 11 [1].
> >
> > The one topic currently identified for that slot is the Manifest spec.
> >
> > Marcos - would you please summarize the overall `state` of the
> > Manifest spec (f.ex. the status, next steps, blockers, and such)? I
> > would also like to know if you think there are some related issues
> > that could potentially benefit from some meeting time, or if we can
> > use the list server instead.
> I’m trying to figure out (or get agreement amongst those interested in
> implementing) if we should have a JSON manifest or go with the meta tag
> solution (or both) - this is a blocker. Current steps are for me to
> investigate the solutions and usage on teh Webs.
> No significant work has been done on the spec since it moved over to
> WebApps.
> I don’t mind if we do it on the list. But if others want me to dial in
> to discuss, I’m ok to do that.
> > All - are there any other topics to discuss?
> >
> Not from me.
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> Marcos Caceres

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