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> 7.2 Interface File:
> -add creationDate property

Thanks for your feedback.  *Most* filesystems don't really have a creation time.  While Windows does, Unix-style OS return the *change time" or last modified time.  Since we want fidelity with OS filesystems wherever possible, I'm not sure this is a viable property to add.

> -add size property

This already exists via the inheritance relationship with Blob.

> -If the last modification date and time are not known, the attribute must return an empty string

Currently the spec says to return the current date and time.  It's a Date not a String.

> 8.3. Event Handler Attributes

I think the current set of event handler attributes is sufficient, especially given the backdrop of event models in general not being the best way to asynchronously access large data sets such as File and Blob.

> -add onNotfounderror event handler
> -add onReaderror event handler
> -add onSecurityerror event handler
> -add onHTTPerror event handler
> -add onSelectfrombrowse event handler

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