Request for publication: DOM L3 Events & UI Events

The editors of the DOM Level 3 Events specification have reached a milestone where we believe most of the major open issues are now resolved in the editor's draft, and we would like to issue a call to publish an updated *working draft* of the spec for wider review. (It has also been quite a while since the working draft was updated, and we'd like to have it be more current for TPAC.)

At the same time, we've made a few updates to the UI Events spec, and feel that now would be an appropriate time to get that document re-published as a working draft as well.

Note: there are only a few remaining issues in the DOM L3 Events spec which we hope to resolve at or around TPAC in order to be prepared to request a last call working draft (number 4, I believe, but who's counting?) by end-of-year.

Chairs: can you assist us in starting the publication process for both *DOM L3 Events* and *UI Events*? Gary will take charge in preparing the documents.


Received on Wednesday, 23 October 2013 01:19:37 UTC