Re: Sync API for workers

> When I see discussion of any new/recent synchronous APIs for the Web
> platform these days I pretty much take it they're implicitly intended just
> for use with Workers. So I assume that's the context Jonas intended.
It's a safe assumption, but I think it's better to be asynchronous also on
workers, not only for efficience, but also for having only one programming
model so you can easily interchange your code between workers and main
thread and also maybe Node.js. Look at IndexedDB API, since asynchronous
one was enought dfor everybody, synchronous one was not implemented by the
browsers and now it has became deprecated... :-)

>   --Mike
> P.S. Of course there's room for disagreement about whether synchronous
> are even a good idea even for the Workers case -
Good to know I'm not the only one... :-)

Received on Saturday, 12 October 2013 06:14:33 UTC